Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

Here at Big guns high pressure cleaning, we feel it is important for our clients to be fully informed of our services and expectations. Please fully review this document and let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any information contained in our agreement. We recommend you to verify that you read and understood the terms and conditions agreement before we commence any work.

Description of Binding Agreement

These terms and conditions serve as a binding agreement between the property owner, hereby identified as “client” and Big Guns high pressure cleaning and its owners, employees, and subcontractors, hereby identified as “company,” for the execution or services in exchange for payment for residential or commercial cleaning services. The services that Big Guns high pressure cleaning provide to you are subject to the following terms and we reserve the right to update the terms and conditions any time without notice to you. You can review the Terms and conditions by clicking on the Terms and conditions links via our website, email communications or any other communications such as quotes or invoice links.

Risks and Releases of Liability Acknowledgement

Big Guns high pressure cleaning technicians are well trained in the equipment used and take extreme precautions in making sure the company does not cause harm to your investment. Big Guns high pressure cleaning uses safe techniques with the use of low pressure on delicate surfaces. However, damage can still occur to any delicate surface due to poor maintenance, neglect to the property and, low-grade building materials that do not comply to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Routine maintenance per manufacture’s recommendations on the home’s surfaces, should be implemented by homeowners to avoid any potential defects. Prior to any works beginning, any areas of concern need to be raised addressed by the homeowner. This will prevent damage from occurring. The homeowner assumes all the risks and takes responsibility for any damage that occurs due to improper maintenance.

Big Guns high pressure cleaning is not responsible for damages due to improperly installed flashing, loose or cracked roof tiles or siding, broken or opened windows, improperly sealed windows and doors, wood rot, defective construction, improperly secured wires, loose or improperly installed gutters and down pipes and improper caulking. In most of surfaces, the sun and weather will bleach the colour or cause fading. Pressure washing, may cause the faded aspects to stand out. Big Guns high pressure cleaning will not be responsible for such conditions.

On the date of job, the company will note any pre-existing damage found and photographs will be taken. If the homeowner is unavailable at the site, the company will contact the homeowner by email and / or phone to report any issues which may afffect the job. If the homeowner is unavailable at time of completion, the company can provide photographs of the completed work on request. If any new damage is found during the cleaning process, the company will cease all cleaning efforts until the client can see the damage and acknowledge its existence.

House Washing Acknowledgement

Client understands that any blemish or flaw or any existing oxidation may be more noticeable after cleaning. The client understands that the company may not find every flaw or defect and is not responsible for any damage or if it is more noticeable after completion of work unless it is found to be of negligence on the company end. Client understands that we recommend that all outside electrical outlets and fixtures are shut off before arrival to complete washing services as an additional precaution. Client also understands if we do a site unseen quote based off provided photos, that we will not be able to note any flaws in exterior surfaces. If we do a site unseen quote, client understands that our technicians will do their best to point this out at date of cleaning.

Roof Cleaning Acknowledgement

Big Guns high pressure cleaning technicians carry out an inspection looking for simple issues on your roof (i.e. broken tiles, defective sealing, etc.).The client understands that not all defects may be found at time of inspection .Photos before and after are always taken and can be sent to you upon request. Technicians will also inspect the pointing , caps and ridges. Client understands that Big Guns high pressure cleaning is not a roofing company and the inspection provided is a courtesy. Client understands that a roofing professional should be contacted if there are any major concerns about the roof. Clients also understand that Big Guns high pressure cleaning is not responsible for any issues related to unreported leaks and defects, or any defects not found during inspection

Gutter Cleaning Acknowledgement

In most of the cases technicians will clean your gutters off the roof. Sometimes due to a steep roof or difficult access they will do the cleaning off the ladder. Client understands that any specific cleaning method that differs from the methods mentioned above must be requested in advance. Clients also understand that if any other method is requested, an additional charge may apply. Client understands that if a downpipe or drain is blocked, the technician will flush it using a garden hose. However, it is important to emphasise that our technicians are not plumbers and in cases of a blocked downpipe or drain that cannot be unblocked using a garden hose, Big Guns high pressure cleaning will not hold responsibility for it or any  obligation to solve this type of problem. The technicians do not hose the gutters every time they do the cleaning, only if it is required by the client (additional charges may apply) and/or when they see the need for this.Client understands that Pressure Cleaning is a cleaning service and we cannot hold any responsibility if stains are not removed after the pressure service. However, our technicians will try their best to identify and point out any stains prior to start. Client also understands that we are not responsible for previously existing loose and/or chip tiles and damaged grout, and also for remaining debris after cleaning due to improper drainage or blocked / leaking gutters

On the Day of Service

– You are expected to be home (or at least) at the beginning and end of our work in order to welcome the team and make a final approval on the service done and payment;

– Please do not book other tradies in the same day. This will disrupt the performance of both;

– Please inform us about any area that needs special care or that should be avoided, especially for issues related to water seepage or leakage;

– Please ensure that you have a water tap activated and accessible;

– If you are going to have House Wash, Roof Cleaning or Window Cleaning, please have all windows and doors shut tightly. Make sure they are properly sealed to avoid water coming through;

– If you are going to have Roof Cleaning, please notify your neighbours in advance. We may need to rinse down their property afterwards.

– Please have all pets and kids inside before and during cleaning – even though we love pets and kids, we can’t be responsible for their safety while we are working;

– Please clear the work areas of all items, put the blinds up, and remove all sensitive materials from the areas being cleaned such as furniture, doormats, and vehicles;

– Please avoid using water during our Pressure Cleaning Services to ensure no loss of pressure or volume; turn off sprinkler systems etc

Exclusions & Limitations

If water intrusion occurs, the company will not be held responsible. We make every effort to prevent this, however there are  often unavoidable issues such as bad seals around windows and doors, cracked /leaking or ill fitting roof tiles, unsealed flashing etc that can allow water intrusion. Notify the company beforehand if there are any area’s of concern.

If Any Damage Occurs

Big Guns high pressure cleaning will be obligated under our terms and conditions for any damage that was a direct result of operator error, negligence, or wilful misconduct. Damages must be discovered and reported to Big Guns high pressure cleaning within 6 hrs of completion of service. The company will be allowed to inspect the premises and have the sole option in repairing or contracting repair to any damages that was the result of negligence.

Acceptance to Terms

By accepting the quote, the client agrees to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. You authorise Big Guns high pressure cleaning to do the work as specified on the quote. You release our company from property damage unless negligence or wilful misconducts cause it.

Big Guns high pressure cleaning PAYMENT POLICY

This Policy has the object to kindly inform you about our payment terms.

All services that Big Guns high pressure cleaning provides are due for payment on the completion of the work.

We accept the following payment options:

1. Credit Card;

2. Debit Card;

3. Cash;

4. Check;

5. Bank Transfer (EFT).

An invoice will be sent to the person or company at the time of the completion of the work.

If you would like to discuss a different option of payment, please let us know before the accepting the quote. Any variance to this policy must be agreed upon and in writing on our quotation prior its approval.

We also would like to inform that unfortunately a late charge fee of 20% p.a. of the outstanding balance will be immediately assessed on all balances not paid in accordance with contract terms. The customer agrees to pay any collection cost incurred by Big Guns high pressure cleaning related to the collection process of outstanding balances.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.