Sanitisation Services


Sanitisation Services

We provide all types of commercial high pressure cleaning services throughout Perth and the metropolitan areas. Our customers are important to us and at Big Guns Cleaning we provide cost effective solutions and we work to strict schedules.

We have a wide range of equipment to handle any situation and leave the area looking its best. From real estate agents to shopping centres, we have a diverse list of businesses we work closely with on an ongoing basis.

We also provide a sealing service, so once we have stripped back the layers of built up dirt, we can apply a sealing coat to many surfaces to give them long term protection.

Need an area cleaned but concerned about the work impacting your business or schedule ?  We have got you covered – we can provide after hours services, or complete works outside your business or personal schedule. Call us us today to discuss any concerns or requirements and we can provide a solution.

Business Services:

  • Driveways/Sidewalks
  • Brick/Block/Stone
  • Storefronts, Warehouses
  • Dumpster Areas and bin cleaning
  • Parking Spaces/Lots
  • Garage Floors/Loading Docks
  • Playground Areas
  • Machinery
  • Heavy Equipment

Big Guns pressure cleaning service will keep the appearance of your business in tip top shape. The proper maintenance and appearance of your property will help retain its value and attract patrons and tenants. The build up of dirt, grime, mould and mildew can cause decay, rot and substantial liabilities to business, costing more in the long run in repairs and renovations.

With regular cleaning of your property exterior, we can help drastically reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance. We only use industrial grade pressure cleaning units and the best products to tackle every job we do.

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