Roof Cleaning


Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning can be an extremely effective way to transform the street appeal and aesthetic of your house. Perth home owners will realise just how much success they will have by taking this simple option.

The incredible new look that results from expert high quality roof or tile cleaning is quite a convincing argument to householders to choose this option as a cheaper alternative to complete replacement of their roof.

In addition to which, when you maintain your roof, you can easily prevent the need for a replacement, maintain the “new quality” look and prevent further costly repairs in the future.

Why the need for Roof Cleaning Services

During the process of cleaning a roof many contractors are solving problematic roofs for homeowners. In Perth, we have an ongoing problem of lichen and moss which is particularly prevalent on one side of the building.

Outbreaks like these can destroy the aesthetic of your house and once the outbreak has set in, they will continuously worsen. Also, the roof becomes dirty just from atmospheric particles settling on them. However the more disturbing factor is the continued growth of algae and the like.

Of course the result is a series of stains which spreads all over the roof space and continues on down the outside of your blockwork and into other various nooks and crannies. This will eventually degrade and damage your roofing materials and require further costly maintenance in the future.

Which chemical treatment is best?

In order to treat lichen and moss outbreaks, there are a number of options available to our cleaning experts.

In the first phase of cleaning we use chemical applications to target those organisms. The use of these chemicals will help to permanently destroy these organisms and will have a noticeable effect on the appearance of the roof.

Some common treatments with chemical include the use of bleach. However, you must be careful when employing bleach as a cleansing agent as it is not always suited to every roof material. Ideally the use of eco-friendly treatments if preferable including biodegradable products for the waste component.

Cleaning with High Pressure

When it comes to cleaning tiles, particularly hard tiles like ceramics a form of high pressure water cleaning is utilised. It is a quick and easy way to remove all dirt and growth from the surface of your roof.

This can achieve great looking results with minimal outlay of effort. On the other hand, some types of roof surfaces may be susceptible to high pressure jets as its quite powerful and can lead to damage to your roof.

Each Roof Cleaning job is Unique

Various roofing materials can be susceptible to different types of staining or other issues. An example id tin or metal roofs which over time can rust, particular if there maintenance is lacking. In some homes wooden shingles are used and over time they can rot due to bacteria, moisture and mould.

Therefor it is important to establish the exact type of roof from one household to the next. Our professional Perth staff will examine your household material first, any existing problems or infestations and determine the best plan of attack to provide a cost effective solution.

A cost effective solution for every household

There are many ways to maintain the exterior of your home to keep that “Just new” appearance. Many simple jobs can be performed by the householder. However, some jobs will be easier for a professional contractor to perform and in many instances a lack of knowledge will cost the householder their valuable free time and in some cases prevent the destruction of their homes.

Do you want that New Home look again? Call the team at Big Guns Pressure wash and we’ll have your roof cleaning done it no time!

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