Graffiti Removal


Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal is something every business and homeowner encounters as some point. Graffiti is one of the last things any person wants to see when visiting your office or home. Attempting to remove then with conventional treatments is lengthy and repainting the area is rarely something people can afford. Luckily there is a solution with is inexpensive, quick and effective and will solve your graffiti problems once and for all.

Our patented water cleaning solution involves washing the area with high pressure water spray. Depending on the nature of the graffiti, a variety of solvents or products may be combined to enhance the effectiveness of the job. With graffiti removal, we pre heat the water in our machines which helps to remove the unwanted paint from the affected areas.

Our equipment is easily configurable to allow us to spray water at different distances and sizes. This makes it possible to wash down large walls quickly with less effort for our operators. This mean that we can remove graffiti quickly, saving you labour, time and money.

Some notes about removing those unsightly graffiti marks with high pressure water blasting;

Please be careful to inspect the surface to be blasted. It is important to use the correct pressure when using a high pressure device. Surfaces like concrete and stone which are harder can withstand a higher pressure blast, while surfaces like clay and limestone, which are quite porous will require a different approach. With glass surfaces we generally do not recommend the use of high pressure cleaning as it is powerful enough to break many non-reinforced glass surfaces.

Drainage for Graffiti Removal in Perth

High pressure blasting needs excellent drainage. Due to the fact that you will be spraying a large volume of water, it will be necessary to provide a method for removing the water used during the cleaning process via drain. For this reason, pressure washing is well suited to outdoor surfaces where there is easy access to mains drainage system. If spraying indoors, you may need to provide an alternative system for drainage to ensure the water can flow back to the mains drainage during the cleaning process.

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