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Been avoiding that driveway cleaning? We don’t blame you. Every house has a driveway in various states of disrepair and cleaning the driveway is an exercise few people want to tackle. Most driveways are generally constructed of concrete (a porous material) and range from 50m2 to much larger 2000m2 areas.

With various types of composites and finishes available including exposed aggregates, plain, stamped and stencilled it is hard to know what treatments to use. Some driveways are even constructed from clay or clay pavers and they all have one thing in common, they get dirty!

Ever tried Driveway Cleaning in Perth?

Ever tried cleaning a small driveway with a small store bought Karcher or Gerni domestic washer? It takes forever just to clean a small area and they never quite live up to your imagined standard. Why not call a professional and make sure its spot on.

Big Guns Pressure Cleaning us high quality, professional equipment along with a range of products to ensure your drive is brought back to its best.

Driveway Cleaning for specialised surfaces

If your driveway surface is stamped, coloured or stencilled, we can also provide a sealing solution tailored to your driveways finish with our eco friendly decorative sealers. It you need advice regarding coloured surfaces; we can help with this too. With most concrete and pebble-crete surfaces, just a cleaning treatment may be fine and we won’t recommend sealing the surface unless it is required

Call Big Guns on 0409 778 616 or get an online quote for quality driveway cleaning in Perth.

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