Brick/Block / Concrete paving


Brick/Block / Concrete paving

Tired of overgrown weeds crowding your beautiful paving…

Brick Paver cleaning can be a laborious and time consuming job. The difficulty with pavers is that they are usually extremely porous and no matter how they have been laid you will always have some gaps between the edges. This allows the ingress of all sorts of dirt and debris including water. This is the perfect combination of factors for the growth of weeds and algae which destroys the appearance of a beautifully paved area.

Best Brick Paver Cleaning in Perth

If it’s your first time tackling the cleaning of pavers, please make sure you get a commercial set of cleaning apparatus and chemicals for the job. You will quickly find out that without an industrial strength pressure washing equipment you won’t be able to remove much of the dirt and weeds or that awful grime that seems to accumulate everywhere.

Also, without the correct treatment chemical you probably won’t make a dent in the ingrown moss and algae which has settled in over long periods. Make sure you invest some money on a first rate pressure cleaner and save yourself the headaches of many days of work that will occur from using a small cleaner setup.

That’s why commercial paver cleaners and equipment will make all the difference and it’s easy to get great results.

The great news is that you don’t have to waste your precious time as Big Guns Pressure Cleaning service can do all the hard work. We have the experience and all the professional gear to make your pavers come to life again.

Specialty Brick Cleaning / Pressure Cleaning New Brickwork

It doesn’t take long before new brickwork needs to be cleaned. The sooner the cleaning process is undertaken the easier it is to clean up the bricks. With the use of Hydrochloric acid we can break down the residue left by mortar in the brick-laying process. Some brick laying contractors can be messy and often do not remove all the excess cement which is present on the surrounds of the blocks during the laying. Removing excess mortar can be time consuming and tedious work after the fact. Also, some tradesmen can use too much cement in the mortar mix which makes the cement extremely hard, therefore making the cleaning process that much harder.

Some inexperienced block cleaning trades can burn the brickwork leaving them with a yellowish tinge when their knowledge of brick composition is poor. Cleaning of bricks is difficult and choosing a poor contractor for your house brick cleaning can be fatal. That’s where Big Guns cleaning services has experience in all aspects of pressure washing, especially when it come to freshly laid bricks. By choosing Big Guns you can be sure your bricks will look the way they should.

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